Pizza Patch


Pizza Patch

Regular price $7.00
  • Be a delivery imposter
  • Iron this on your hat
  • Iron-on backing
  • Just don't melt it
  • 2" wide

    What the experts say

    (about pizza)

    "Pizza in Norway is called... Pizza."

    Peter Bjorkli
    Norway's Legendary Award-winning Designer @peterbjorkli

    "I'd kill for another slice."

    Pizza Connoisseur Internet Superstar @LiBrizziTV

    "It ain't chessy unless it's pizza."

    Crank the volume on @soundslikepizza

    "If it starts out frozen, get rid of it."

    Basically I Do WRK!
    Professional Superstar Internet Sensation @BasicallyIDoWrk

    "It's so good I lick the box!"

    Pizza-Chain Animatronic Mascot

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